Industrial steam generators and technologies based on their application

For many years, InterBlock industrial steam generators have been successfully operating at more than 200 enterprises in Russia, Canada, the USA, England, Norway, Poland, China, South Korea, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus. Today, they are one of the most economical types of equipment in their class and form the basis of next-generation thermal power engineering for the construction industry.

The economic effect of the introduction of InterBlock steam generators in the technological processes for the production of reinforced concrete and concrete products is confirmed not only by the calculations of the INTERBLOCK engineering company, but also by the economic results achieved by Russian and foreign enterprises.

The table shows actual data on production of reinforced concrete products and consumption of natural gas at LLC "ЗЖБИ-500" Magnitogorsk.

In 2011, the company used a traditional boiler house based on steam boilers of the DKVR series; in May 2012, a decentralized heat supply system based on InterBlock industrial steam generators was commissioned.

The main advantages of steam generators

Quick start and stop - 15 seconds

No chimney, high efficiency - 97-99%

Steam temperature independent of pressure

High homogeneity and stability of thermodynamic parameters of steam

The constant presence of service personnel is not required

No foundations or special structures required


Housing and utilities

concrete plants

Oil industry

Electroplating production
Food industry


Industrial steam generators

Non-volatile industrial steam generators

Automated ice-melting complexes

Block-modular boiler rooms
Blochno-modul'nyye otopitel'nyye kotel'nyye 39/5000 Block-modular heating boiler houses
Air heating systems
Mobile grain drying complexes
Technologies for the food industry
Automated fire extinguishing complexes
Aircraft de-icing complexes
Complexes for railway infrastructure
Mobile snow melting plants

By Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 600 dated June 17, 2015, INTERBLOCK industrial steam generators are classified as high energy efficiency technologies, which provides customers with tax benefits.