Innovative pavements of autoroads

In order to implement the National project "Safe and high-quality roads," we propose to consider the possibility of using the POLYEPOR series of road surface modifiers. The use of the modifier will significantly improve the condition of roads in the region, as a result, improve the quality of life of the population and support for the leadership of the region by residents. Significant financial savings are also achieved and the investment attractiveness of the region increases.

The production technology was developed and put into practice in close cooperation with a team of scientists at the Institute of Chemical Physics named after N.N. Semenov RAS (hereinafter - IHF RAS). POLYEPOR is a domestic breakthrough technology that allows you to multiply improve the properties of the road surface during the construction and repair of roads throughout the Russian Federation. In terms of its indicators, it significantly exceeds the materials of domestic and foreign manufacturers, which is constantly confirmed by comparative analyses conducted in accordance with the American testing system "SuperPave" 

Benefits when applying modifiers

does not change the technology of preparation of asphalt concrete mixtures and laying of road surfaces

eliminates storage and transportation problems arising from the use of modified binders

in the production of crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete (SMA) reduces the runoff of the binder

improves the low-temperature properties of asphalt concrete

allows to increase the durability of asphalt concrete pavements and reduce turnaround times

improves the resistance of asphalt concrete to the formation of plastic ruts when operating at high temperatures and high traffic loads

The use of modifiers of the POLIEPOR brand ensures the resistance of the asphalt concrete pavement to rutting, fatigue cracking of the pavement, a significant increase in the durability of the pavement and an increase in its service life between repairs in the interval from 10 to 15 years. No other material is capable of providing such indicators in all climatic zones of the Russian Federation, including the regions of the Far North, where the use of modifiers guarantees high performance properties of road surfaces at temperatures of -45 ° C and below.

An additional feature of the modifier is the reduction of the noise level from passing vehicles, which is an essential quality in improving the comfort of residents of large cities and those living along busy highways. According to tests carried out by MADI, the noise level reduction reaches 10dB. The material received high marks at the "Quiet Asphalt" conference, which was held by the countries of the European Union.

An important characteristic of POLIEPOR modifiers is the economic effect of their use. In accordance with the sectoral methodological documents of Rosavtodor, which include in the calculation methodology such factors as the cost of materials, the cost of maintenance work, the slowdown of vehicles when the road surface is worn out and other indicators, the economic effect per kilometer of the road on the horizon of 25 years is currently more 45 million rubles.

The use of modifiers of the POLIEPOR brand guarantees a qualitative improvement of the roadway, the achievement of significant savings on its maintenance, an increase in the average speed of road transport, which is convincingly confirmed by its use in a number of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and at the bridge over the Amur River from Blagoveshchensk.