Photopolymer composite materials "Luch"

Valena Group is the official distributor of industrial high-strength photopolymer composite materials (PMF) "LUCH," designed for waterproofing, anticorrosion, chemical, dielectric and fire protection of surfaces made of concrete, metals and ceramics.

The nomenclature of LUCH materials includes photopolymer coatings made of glass fiber, carboxylic and Kevlar fabrics and special resins, which guarantee a long service life and reliable protection under the conditions of exposure to more than 1000 chemically aggressive compounds, resistance to ultra-high mechanical loads, pressure up to 200 atmospheres and long-term heat resistance up to 220 ° C.

LUCH materials are widely used in the oil and gas, chemical, food, metallurgical, shipbuilding and housing and communal services industries. 

Characteristics of the material "LUCH"

High-tech when applied. It is produced in the form of rolls and paste. Ready to use. Application is possible by overlapping and spraying. One-component. It is applied to the prepared surface and cured from a UV source. Primary curing time from 5 to 30 minutes.

possesses superhigh adhesion (from 12 to 18 MPa - to steel)

mechanically solid. Hardness up to 60 Barcol. Load up to 6500 N

increases the strength of concrete up to 60%. Tensile strength up to 87 MPa

withstands pressure during through corrosion of the pipeline up to 200 atm

shockproof. Impact power up to 15 J

chemically resistant. Resists over 1,000 reactive compounds

heat resistant. Withstands temperatures up to 220 ° C
dielectric. No cathodic flaking
flame retardant, hardly flammable, slightly flammable

Products and applications

Corrosion protection of metal structures

Anti-corrosion protection and repair of tanks

Chemical protection of the container surface

Protection of thermal insulation of tanks
Protection of factory polyethylene pipe coating
Pipeline insulation protection
Pipeline protection and restoration
Restoration of concrete structures
Gas pipeline corrosion protection
Restoration and waterproofing of reinforced concrete wells (GOST 8020-2016)
Manufacturing of floating platforms
Manufacturing of high-strength sculptures, small forms, volumetric advertising
Manufacturing of equipment for the production of materials "LUCH"
Wholesale of repair kits FPM-1 "LUCH" for housing and communal services
Wholesale of repair kits FPM "LUCH" of a wide range of applications

Presentation of photopolymer composite materials "LUCH"

Cooperation can go on the consumption of FPM in production, at construction sites, in the affairs of management companies in housing and communal services. You can also consider the creation of joint ventures for the production of FPM in different regions of the CIS, Europe, Asia, America, Africa.