Soil cleaning technology

Valena produces concentrates of Humic acids in the form of thick paste in 1, 20, 200 liter containers using patented unique technology. We supply the following products and solutions for the use of humic acids:

  1. Potassium humate (sodium humate, depending on the purpose) - humic fertilizer made of peat;
  2. Humic concentrate of brown coal for treatment, mud baths, cosmetics and applications;
  3. Humic concentrates for cleaning soil from contamination with oil products and heavy metals.

Application of humates

For cleaning soil, coastal lines from heavy metals, salts, oil products.

For wastewater treatment and treatment facilities as sorbent solutions.

When reclaiming waste landfills, dumps and dumps.

For cleaning contaminated areas of structural divisions of railways, technical strip and ballast screening without excavation and transportation to temporary landfills.

In landscape gardening parks and squares for processing plants and soil. When introduced into the soil, humates protect or preserve the vegetation cover.

Of particular interest is the use of potassium humate as organic fertilizers and plant growth stimulators.

For cosmetic and medicinal purposes as mud baths, applications, wraps and masks. In the treatment of dermatological, rheumatological and neurological diseases.

Humates are not toxic, not carcinogenic, not mutagens, not teratogenic.

Humic acids made from brown coal have an advantage over other mud preparations in the following properties: 

  • no harmful organic and inorganic compounds;
  • there is no unpleasant smell;
  • can be used not only in specialized clinics;
  • aesthetically convenient;
  • the possibility of using in small volumes.

Humic acids when cleaning contaminated soils from heavy metals showed the following results

Before treatment, mg / kg

  • Nickel - 540
  • Cobalt - 48
  • Zinc - 640
  • Copper - 194
  • Chrome - 189
  • Lead - 156
  • Manganese - 2800

After processing, mg / kg

  • Nickel - 54
  • Cobalt - 21
  • Zinc - 112
  • Copper - 84
  • Chrome - 58
  • Lead - 73
  • Manganese - 1180

When processing sludge sediments at the wastewater treatment plant of the city water utility with humic acid, the following MPC results were shown

Before treatment mg / l

  • Metantenk - 480
  • Raw sludge - 200

After treatment mg / l

  • Metantenk - 260
  • Crude sediment - 80

When treating car wash effluents with humic acid, the following results were shown for the content of oil products in water

Before treatment mg / l

Storm runoff - 130

After treatment mg / l

Storm runoff - 15

When cleaning contaminated soil on the railway (carried out by JSC "VNIIZHN" and Russian Railways)

Before processing g / kg

Oil products - 30

After processing g / kg

Oil products - 10

After 8 weeks of cleaning the soil contaminated with heavy metals, the concentration of zinc decreased 26 times, copper 15 times, manganese 4 times, trivalent chromium 32 times, nickel 13 times, iron 5 times.

The use of humic acids as fertilizer showed the following results

Grass growth increased by 45%, pasture land growth increased by 45%.

The yield of cereals increased by 38%, tuber crops by 41%.

The growth and development of plants is expressed in the accelerated development of the root system and an increase in the length of plants, mainly due to the root. Humates can be used as natural soil ameliorators because contribute to the improvement of their water-physical and acid-base properties, structuring, desalinization in case of salinity. Humates work well on sandy podzolic soil.

At your request, we will provide samples and prepare proposals for the supply and implementation of our innovative solutions.